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Why Widad Is Your Choice

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Free Registration Fees

Free registration fees


Free Tuition Fees

Free Foundation Fees for Foundation Science & Business programmes

50% Tuition Fees

50% deduction in tuition fees for family who receives BRIM (UiTM programmes only)

FELDA Assistance

30% discount from PTPTN loan waived by FELDA as financial assistance will be given to FELDA family members after the completion of their studies.


Opportunities to get full scholarship & loan

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities with Widad Business Group


Accommodation & transportation are provided


Full accreditation from MQA


Dedicated instructors

Strategic & Condusive

Condusive & strategic learning centre

Widad College - A Reputable College in Malaysia

Widad College (WC), a prestigious college in Malaysia, upholds the reputation of producing excellent, fine graduates from various courses provided to students looking to further their studies after SPM. With the wide range of diploma courses lists made available, such as in the IT industry, students are able to graduate with a diploma in Information Technology and Technology Management. Various other college diploma courses are provided, including a diploma in restaurant management, sport studies, accounting, mass communications, tourism, English and many more.

Throughout the years, Widad College has formed several partnerships with other public universities (IPTA) such as UITM, UTM and UPM, along with establishing several local courses certified and recognized by professional organizations. Employment after graduation is guaranteed as employers recognize Widad College for producing professional employable graduates. After completing a college diploma, graduates are able to fulfil their dreams by getting employed or choose to further their studies at a reputable university, including employment opportunities with Widad Business Group.

Widad College comprises dedicated, experienced teachers and staff members working together as a team to strive for excellence and quality through learning, teaching and research. To enhance students’ experiences in the form of formal and non-formal curriculum, quality materials and well-equipped facilities are provided to ease the learning of students.

Here at Widad College, students are trained, modelled and educated with the relevant soft and hard skills in order to graduate as a well-balanced individual. Widad College recognizes the importance of encouraging students to excel academically and socially in preparation for employment as well as for the benefit of their future. While knowledge is power, shaping one’s personal development is also vital for a student’s future. Thus, Widad College offers a learning environment that motivates students to become knowledgeable, competent leaders that fill the gaps of the market and industry in the country.

Widad College aims to not only change the lives of the students but to also create a lasting impact in the education industry through its educational offerings. Making a difference in other people’s lives through education would be rewarding as a pioneer leader in this industry. To cater to students from families with different ranges of income, scholarships and loans are available, including PTPTN loans for all diploma courses. Our diploma programs are fully accredited from MQA, ensuring only the finest quality of education are being offered to the students.

Widad College firmly believes education is important for the personal, social and economic development of the nation. Hence, through our comprehensive list of diploma courses, students will be able to grow as a successful individual that will be of value to the economy and nation. Looking through the many courses in Malaysia can be difficult and confusing. Widad College offers counselling to help students choose the right path for their future. Our professional education counsellors are well-versed with many years of experience, enabling them to guide students in the right direction. With that said, Widad College would be the best choice upon choosing the right college in Malaysia to further your education.