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Terima kasih kerana anda berminat untuk menyertai Widad College.

Kami adalah sebuah institusi pengajian tinggi yang bercita-cita ke peringkat antarabangsa yang berkeupayaan melahirkan para profesional unggul di pasaran global.

Kami sedang mencari calon yang berwibawa untuk menyertai kami. Untuk maklumat tentang jawatan, sila rujuk senarai di bawah.

Bagaimana Untuk Memohon?

  • Pemohon yang berminat boleh menghantar resume lengkap berserta nombor telefon, alamat e-mel serta gambar ukuran pasport yang terkini ke Jabatan Sumber Manusia. Sila nyatakan jawatan yang dipohon.

    Dokumen yang telah lengkap boleh dihantar menggunakan kaedah-kaedah berikut:

  • Kaedah 1

  • Kaedah 2

    Pengarah Sumber Manusia
    Widad College
    BIM Point, Bandar Indera Mahkota
    25200 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur, MALAYSIA

  • Jawatan 1 : Marketing Manager

    Kemaskini: Dis 11, 2018
  • Key Responsibilities:-

    • Developing a pricing strategy that maximizes profits and market share but considers customer satisfaction;
    • Identifying new customers;
    • Creating promotions and advertisements;
    • Understanding and developing budgets, including expenditures, research and development appropriations, and return-on-investment and profit-loss projections;
    • Compiling lists describing our organization's programmes and offerings;
    • Developing and managing advertising campaigns;
    • Organizing company conferences, trade shows, and major events;
    • Building brand awareness and positioning;
    • Evaluating and maintaining a marketing strategy;
    • Directing, planning and coordinating marketing efforts;
    • Communicating the marketing plan;
    • Developing each marketing campaign;
    • Researching demand for the organization's products and services;
    • Evaluating competitors;
    • Handling social media, public relation efforts, and content marketing.
  • Requirements:-

    • Bachelor in Marketing/Business or related field;
    • At least 5 years of working experience in related field;
    • Experience in education marketing will be added advantage;
    • Experience with creating a marketing campaign, marketing strategy, and marketing plan;
    • Experience with online marketing, including social media, and content marketing;
    • Understanding of public relations;
    • Advanced communication skills;
    • Ability to quickly adapt to changes.
  • Jawatan 2 : Social Media Executive

    Kemaskini: Dis 11, 2018
  • Key Responsibilities:-

    • Oversee, manage and report on optimision and handling of digital assets and campaigns, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc;
    • Create and optimize content for website and social networking accounts;
    • Develop and liaise with the marketing team to plan social media activities;
    • Develop related content topics to reach the targeted customer;
    • Develop strategies to drive online traffic;
    • Monitor and always stay updated with standard digital marketing concept, practises and procedure and also the latest news and trends on social media to present new ideas and content;
    • Able to analyze social media presence and insights, including costs and returns of digital advertisement, results and KPI;
    • Handle and response to enquiry, feedback, and complaints received from digital platform;
    • Able to multi-task, work in a team, and take on ad-hoc tasks that will be assigned from time to time;
    • Excellent understanding of digital marketing concepts and best practices;
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
    • Telemarketing.
  • Requirements:-

    • Bachelor in Digital Marketing/E-Commerce/Marketing/Business or related field;
    • Required language(s) : English, Malay;
    • At least 2 years of working experience in related field;
    • Experience in education marketing will be added advantage;
    • Required skill(s) : Social Media Advertising, Copywriting, Video Editing;
    • Excellent understanding of digital marketing concepts and best practices;
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Jawatan 3 : Marketing Executive

    Kemaskini: Dis 11, 2018
  • Key Responsibilities:-

    • Collaborating with the marketing manager, internal teams, clients and partners on marketing strategy;
    • Helping identify marketing trends and key opportunities for innovation;
    • Learning and working with various types of software for digital marketing;
    • Creating marketing materials such as whitepapers, case studies, and presentations;
    • Giving presentations;
    • Maintaining a marketing database;
    • Providing administrative support to the marketing and sales team;
    • Preparing, formatting and editing a range of documents;
    • Understanding company product and brand;
    • General office duties;
    • Creating and interpreting a variety of reports;
    • Organizing market research;
    • Analyzing questionnaires and other forms of feedback;
    • Telemarketing.
  • Requirements:-

    • Diploma or Bachelor in Marketing/Business or related field;
    • Fresh graduate are encouraged to apply;
    • Experience with creating a marketing campaign, marketing strategy, and marketing plan;
    • Experience with online marketing, including social media, and content marketing;
    • Understanding of public relations;
    • Advanced communication skills;
    • Ability to quickly adapt to change.
  • Jawatan 4 : Counsellor

    Kemaskini: Dis 11, 2018
  • Key Responsibilities:-

    • Scheduling consultations;
    • Assessing and identifying the problems;
    • Engaging in discussion with students and making them feel comfortable
    • Implementing individualized treatment programmes;
    • Undertaking psychometric testing;
    • Evaluating students’ responses to treatment over time;
    • Organizing a long-term counselling plan that involves multiple visits;
    • Offering services to all age groups;
    • Offering both one-on-one and group counselling;
    • Keeping a detailed account of student mental health history;
    • Being patient and building relationships based on trust.
  • Requirements:-

    • Bachelor degree in Counselling Psychology or related field;
    • Registered with the Malaysia Counselor Board;
    • Good observational skills and attention to detail;
    • Exceptional interpersonal skills;
    • Excellent written and verbal communication;
    • Empathy and sensitivity when dealing with patients;
    • Highly analytical mindset;
    • Good diagnostic and problem-solving skills.
  • Jawatan 5 : Business Development Manager

    Kemaskini: Dis 11, 2018
  • Key Responsibilities:-

    • Work with the COO, staff, and Board of Governing to facilitate short and long-term strategic plans;
    • Identify and address development issues that affect the well-being and efficacy of the organization;
    • Foster a culture of philanthropy and ensure that fund development is executed in keeping with the organization's values, vision, and mission;
    • Co-operate with the CEO and senior management to plan the organization's fund for the development course and programmes;
    • Manage the operation development function efficiently, and oversee the activity development in coordination with staff;
    • Establish a balanced mix of donor sources and fundraising programmes to attract and retain donors and fundraising volunteers;
    • Establish performance measures, monitor results, and evaluate the efficacy of the fund development programmes;
    • Maintain accountability and ensure compliance with all regulations and laws, as well as the code of ethics for fundraising professionals;
    • Help to recruit, train, and motivate fundraising volunteers;
    • Keep abreast of development in philanthropy and fund development.
  • Requirements:-

    • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, or related field;
    • Master's Degree preferred;
    • Further certification may be required;
    • Minimum of 5 years professional experience in managing projects and teams;
    • Proven track record of success in fundraising;
    • Strong interpersonal, decision-making, and leadership skills;
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
    • Analytical thinking and ability to analyze data;
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office.
  • Jawatan 6 : Business Development Executive

    Kemaskini: Dis 11, 2018
  • Key Responsibilities:-

    • Responsible for exploring and developing new potential Corporate Clients and business segments;
    • Participation in strategic planning for business development;
    • Undertake to perform projects/ tasks as instructed by immediate supervisor or management;
    • Ability to market, pitch and win profit generating projects;
    • To obtain and convert marketing information in prospective leads;
    • To open doors of opportunities for leads to be converted into proposals and jobs;
    • To build and maintain database;
    • Responsible for achieving targets set by the Company by developing new accounts and maintaining existing clientele;
    • Develop and implement innovative and effective marketing strategies to meet the company growth objectives;
    • To understand and able to analysis corporate office building;
    • To develop new marketing network.
  • Requirements:-

    • Candidate must possess at least Diploma/Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma in Marketing or equivalent;
    • Required language(s):English, Bahasa Malaysia;
    • Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply;
    • Preferably Junior Executive specialized in Marketing/Business Development or equivalent;
    • Positive attitude, energetic approach and self-motivation are all essential;
    • Strong analytical, problem solving and presentation skills;
    • Good communication, service-oriented with good interpersonal and communication skills;
    • Able to work independently in a fast paced environment.
  • Jawatan 7 : Pensyarah Kejururawatan

    Kemaskini: Nov 14, 2018
  • Syarat-syarat:-

    • Kelayakan Ijazah Sains Kejururawatan, Post Basic Midwife & Post Basic Community;
    • Minimum 5 tahun pengalaman berkerja;
    • Calon-calon yang memenuhi kriteria seperti di atas adalah dipelawa untuk mengemukakan permohonan dengan melampirkan resume melalui emel atau;
    • Tarikh tutup Permohonan : 15hb Disember 2018.
  • Jawatan 8 : Pensyarah Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak

    Kemaskini: Okt 22, 2018
  • Syarat-syarat:-

    • Calon yang rajin, cekap dan berwibawa adalah dikehendaki untuk mengisi kekosongan jawatan di Fakulti Pendidikan dan Sains Sosial;
    • Kelayakan Sarjana/Sarjana Muda dalam Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak;
    • Calon dikehendaki membawa dokumen asal akademik dan "mock teaching" semasa sesi temuduga;
    • Resume yang lengkap, salinan sijil yang berkaitan dan gambar berukuran pasport yang terkini perlu dihantar melalui alamat atau email.
  • Jawatan 9 : Pensyarah Diploma Rekabentuk Permainan

    Kemaskini: Julai 02, 2018
  • Syarat-syarat:-

    • Pensyarah Rekabentuk Permainan;
    • Minimum Ijazah Sarjana Muda Rekabentuk dan Pembangunan Permainan / Ijazah Sarjana Muda dalam Pembangunan Permainan / Ijazah Sarjana Muda Rekabentuk Grafik ATAU dalam bidang yang berkaitan;
    • PNGK 3.0 dan keatas;
    • Gaji permulaan dari RM 2100; (lepasan graduan)
    • Boleh bekerja secara berkumpulan;
    • Bekerja Sepenuh Masa;
    • Calon yang mempunyai pengalaman bekerja 1 tahun keatas dalam bidang industri diberikan keutamaan.