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Graduate Employability Programme


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The increasing pace of technological advance has given concrete substance to the importance of human capital, with evolutionary economics framing discussions of such advance. Finally, globalization has brought to the fore the notion of national competitiveness. A nation’s human resource pool is at the core of this competitiveness.

Research undertaken has shown that unemployment of graduates is an issue that is worrying, not only locally but it is a global issue. According to the statistics from EPU, 161,000 graduates were unemployed in 2015 out of 400,000 unemployment in Malaysia. And among all the graduates, those who are with Bachelor degree are having the highest percentage of unemployment.

Finding shown, there was a mismatch between the education that the graduates received and the current demand of the employers. Employers’ keep on mentioning about the quality of graduates that have been produced by universities is not sufficient and could not keep up with the current environment that is constantly changing.

Soft-skills have been identified as the missing element in our graduates. Employers demanding that graduates need to be able to communicate better especially in English to meet international demand, possess creativity and problem-solving skills, as well as ability to work without supervision. At the end of the day, skills that are needed are the one that can help the organisation to accomplish the business goal and to get ahead.

Understanding these issues, Graduate Employability Programme was designed to meet the demand of employment and to close the gap between the graduates’ ability and the current needs of the employment market. This programme is aimed to help graduates to be more competitive in the market and able to contribute better to the organization at the same time able to help to boost the economy.


The establishment of Graduate Employability Programme is to increase the employability of the graduates by equipping them with the soft-skills required by the employers. Align with the needs of the 21st-century workforce; graduates need to be equipped with the right mindset, attitude, and communication skills to solve problems in the workplace. Therefore, the objectives of these programmes are:

  • To improve communication skills;
  • Having the ability to work in a team and increase team engagement;
  • Enhance the ability to think creatively and analytically;
  • Increase the adaptability in organization by understanding organizational culture and values;
  • Transforming graduates into value-driven professionals;
  • Boost their confidence and personality by professional grooming and etiquette.


Our delivery is using Effective Solving Communication methodology combined with Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, which incorporate a series of tools, and experiential learning technique. This will result in better understanding and to retain the knowledge for better application. We are committed to transferring knowledge, skills and experience to obtain breakthrough results.

Thus, implementation of the combined various techniques to stimulate both left and right, brain learning. It incorporates Instructor Presentation and Video Presentation; Games and Simulation; and Public Speaking, Group Presentation and Self-reflection. Our unique training methodologies challenge the conventional classroom training. Our commitment in transferring knowledge, skills and experience to obtain breakthrough result.

  • Instructor Presentations and Video Presentation;
  • Games and Simulation;
  • Public Speaking, Group Presentation and Self-reflection.


Training modules were designed to match the current employers demand on graduate’s soft-skills development. It is designed to customized organization needs and to ensure graduates are able to develop their self-confidence, communication skills, leadership ability, English communication, grooming and etiquette, as well as understanding corporate values.

Communication Advanced Program (CAP)

Program Outcome (PO)

  • English as a medium for better communication;
  • Managing perception through the art of selling yourself;
  • Efficient in handling relationship – team, partner or boss;
  • Leverage the strenght of your team member.

Trenchant Interactive Presentation (TIP)

Program Outcome (PO)

  • Creation of WOW presentation;
  • Present with confidence, regardless of the topic or audience;
  • Understand different type of presentation and how to use the right presentation types;
  • Organize the speech content, crafting the storyline and align it with audience expectation;
  • Mastering the component of effective presentation;
  • Balance physical energy by understanding the human physiology;
  • Building rapport, connect with audience and getting an agreement.

Behaviorism Effective Style Technique (BEST)

Program Outcome (PO)

  • Control emotion and driven motivation;
  • Define emotion decision and business decision;
  • Enhancement of public speaking;
  • Establish great personality;
  • Able to define yourself and maximise the potential.