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Welcome to the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences (FESS) and it is a great pleasure to be given the opportunity to say a few words in this Faculty Website. On behalf of the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences, I would like to congratulate all students for choosing Widad University College as their choice institution of higher studies.

The main objective of this faculty website is to provide students with comprehensive academic information necessary to make the right selection of programmes offered by the Faculty. Students should need to refer to this faculty website from time to time in order to help them plan and execute their studies from start to the end of their selected programme. Students should also consult their Academic Advisor for assistance should they need any other information not mentioned in the faculty website.

The Faculty of Education and Social Sciences is continuously and tirelessly working to update information in the website to include the latest development, if any, to keep students informed. Students should work hard and strive for academic excellence in their respective programmes in order to be successful in securing a good job upon graduation. In addition, students should be equipped with good knowledge, suitable skills and a positive attitude in order for them to compete in this ever increasing challenging work market.

Therefore, I hope that students would take the opportunity to view the faculty website thoroughly and make full use of the contents to make informed decisions concerning their studies.

Good luck. Wish you all the best in your studies.

Noor Azizah Hj. Noorashid
Fakulti Pendidikan & Sains Sosial (FESS)
Widad University College